Crop modelling support for Agricompas Ltd. in EcoProMIS project, Colombia.

From April 1, 2018, Kind of Green® will be providing crop modelling advice and support to Agricompas, Limited, in the context of the EcoProMIS project in Colombia.
Agricompas is an agricultural data analytics company based in Oxford, UK, providing knowledge and decision support to improve the technical, environmental and economical efficiency of crop value chain processes worldwide.
Agricompas plays a pivotal role in EcoProMIS, a £ 3.9 million project recently granted by the UK Space Agency. EcoProMIS aims to help Colombian rice and oil palm farmers to improve productivity and stabilise incomes, allowing them to compete globally whilst responding to climate change and producing responsibly. The project uses satellite Earth Observation alongside environmental and crop data to research the impact of crop and ecosystem management on biodiversity, greenhouse gas emissions and productivity. The outcome will be a partnership of farmers, research institutes and industry experts that creates comprehensive sets of crop and ecosystem data. This data will be made freely available for the Colombian partners to improve the environmental, technical and financial efficiency of their processes. It will also provide information to insurance firms, government food processors and further beneficiaries to create income for sustainable knowledge.

Rice field in Los Llanos Orientales, Colombia, June 2018 (Photo © Sander de Vries)