A decision support service for starch potato farmers

Together with NB Advies/Databoerin, Kind of Green Consulting is presently engaged in the development of a decision support service for Dutch starch potato farmers. Development of the underlying system, which will employ satellite data and crop growth models, among others, has commenced on February 1, 2019. The aim is to have a working prototype ready before the onset of the 2019 potato growing season, and a fully functional platform by the end of October 2019.
NB Advies/Databoerin is a smart farming consultancy business which is conveniently situated in the “starch potato belt” in the Northeast of the Netherlands. The effort is linked to the EU’s Horizon 2020 project “DataBio” (Data-Driven Bioeconomy), which has launched 26 different pilot trials in 17 countries. These pilots will provide “real world” insights relevant for policymakers and producers – the farmers, foresters and fishermen engaged in Europe’s bioeconomy. The present work is part of one of the project’s agriculture pilots.
As soon as the decision support system has evolved into a mature, tried-and-tested product, expectedly by 2020, it  will be made available to Dutch starch farmers on a commercial basis by NB Advies/Databoerin and Kind of Green Consulting.

Potato field (photo © Sander de Vries)