Sander de Vries

Kind of Green is owned and managed by Sander C. de Vries, PhD. Sander is a tropical agronomist by training and obtained his PhD degree at Wageningen University in 2012, based on the thesis “Resource Use Efficiency and Environmental Performance of Biofuel Cropping Systems”. Subsequently, he was employed as a cluster manager raw materials at the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI), working with and learning from three visionary leaders in the field of sustainability: Prof. Jacqueline Cramer, Prof. Klaas van Egmond and Mr. Herman Wijffels. Sander’s focus at USI was on propelling innovations in the field of the circular and biobased economy. A prime example is the project Biogas-ETC (Biogas, Energizing the Countryside), which was nominated for the EIT Innovator Award in 2015. BiogasETC created an affordable, container-sized installation for upgrading biogas to natural gas quality and injecting it into the gas grid. Sander has recently also been working for Wageningen University, contributing to projects such as the Global Yield Gap Atlas, Crop Nutrient Gaps and G4INDO. Before conducting his PhD research, Sander completed a MSc thesis on rice crop modelling at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines, worked as an agronomist in Indonesia for the International Potato Center (CIP), as a vegetable breeder in the private sector, at biotech company Keygene and at the Plant Production Systems group of Wageningen University.
Sander de Vries is on LinkedIn, Twitter, ResearchGate and GitHub.