Sander de Vries, PhD

Kind of Green is owned and managed by Dr. Sander C. de Vries. Sander is a tropical agronomist by training. In that role, he started working for the International Potato Center (CIP), at their office for East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific in Indonesia, in the beginning of the new millennium. Subsequently, he earned a PhD degree from Wageningen University, based on the thesis “Resource Use Efficiency and Environmental Performance of Biofuel Cropping Systems”. At the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI), Sander then worked with three visionary leaders in the field of sustainability: Prof. Jacqueline Cramer, Prof. Klaas van Egmond and Mr. Herman Wijffels. “Biogas-ETC” (Biogas, Energizing the Countryside), an innovation project which he set up and coordinated from USI, was nominated for the EIT Innovator Award in 2015. Currently, Sander is working as an agricultural strategist for the Province of Friesland. Other previous positions include Researcher Production Ecology & Crop Growth Modelling at Wageningen UR and vegetable breeder in the private sector.
Sander de Vries is on LinkedIn and ResearchGate.