‘Circular’ fertiliser: from Africa to the Netherlands and back

Exporting the ‘circular’ phosphate fertilizer struvite from the Netherlands to West African countries would reduce greenhouse emissions and also appears to be financially feasible. That is the main conclusion of the recently published report “Economic feasibility and climate benefits of using struvite from the Netherlands as a phosphate (P) fertilizer in West Africa”. The underlying research was initiated by Sander de Vries and has been conducted by Wageningen Plant Research and the Nutrient Management Institute (NMI). The outcomes are now featured in the September 2017 edition of the WUR Circular & Biobased Economy Newsletter; the article can be read here. The work was financially supported by Climate KIC. The full report (PDF file) can be viewed here, or by clicking on image below. Additional information on the authors and their respective organizations can be found here, however, please be aware that this WUR library page currently [April 2019 – SdV] displays an erroneous, unrelated abstract.