About us

Kind of Green® is a Wageningen-based SME, providing state-of-the-art information and information tools, to help improve the balance between agriculture and Planet Earth. Our main products and services:
  1. Innovative concepts and projects in the field of sustainable agriculture and the circular economy
  2. Crop growth modelling services – particularly in relation to utilizing geospatial data and machine learning
  3. Product sustainability quick-scans and identification of sustainability improvement opportunities
  4. Python scripts for automating (GIS) tasks, and for linking different agro-environmental models
  5. Guest lectures, keynote speeches and workshops on sustainable agriculture and green innovations
  6. Mobile apps for agronomic and agricultural applications
  7. Blogs, articles and education materials in the field of sustainable agriculture and green innovations

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Our vision

We are a lean and green business that outcompetes larger players because we are more agile, have lower overhead costs and deliver higher quality work. Innovation is in our DNA but at the same time, we keep our two feet firmly planted in the mud. We occupy the niche left open by the old school agronomists with years of field experience who have turned into managers – and are unfamilar with modern IT tools – and the avid young coders who lack overview and scientific rigour. Our drive to innovate, our experience in Asia and Africa and in the private sector and our strong communication skills further distinguish us from others. Most important however are our passion for creating elegant, high quality work and aspiration to contribute to a better world.



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