About us

Kind of Green® provides state-of-the-art information and information tools for sustainable agriculture. Our main products and services:

  1. Satellite images for monitoring crops and nature reserves, via FieldfromSpace.com
  2. Crop growth modelling services – in relation to utilizing geospatial data and machine learning
  3. Python scripts for automating (GIS) tasks, and for linking different agro-environmental models
  4. Mobile apps for agronomic and agricultural applications
  5. Product sustainability quick-scans and identification of sustainability improvement opportunities
  6. Innovative concepts and projects in the field of sustainable agriculture and the circular economy
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Our vision

Kind of Green® responds faster, has lower overhead costs and delivers higher quality work than similar larger players. Innovation is in our DNA but at the same time, our two feet remain firmly planted in the mud. Most important however is the aspiration to contribute to a greener planet.



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